Ugh, so we have been back in Canada since July 13, 2011 it is now May 16, 2012 and we are still living from house to house, whether it is my mothers, Robin's aunts or anywhere else that will take us! I am getting crazy annoyed with all of it. We are currently waiting to hear back from the county of Leduc on the acreage we put a deposit on, I mean seriously, how long does it take to determine how big the acreage is going to be, for zoning, in the mean time I have a mare that is about to foal, and AQHA that is giving me stress over DNA of my mares mother. I am hoping that what I have for them will do, but we will see. Hopefully things will get moving so we can get this place all cleaned up, it is a disaster, lots of burning of old buildings, moving things, tearing down and building up. My hubby sure does like to pick the fixer up-ers :S

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